Game-style Ryugin sirloin with

Seiji Yamamoto

Game-style Ryugin sirloin with "wasabi soy sauce" containing raw ham

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Iberian sirloin

Bundle of vegetables

-Yellow chives
-Green onions

Cookie-cutter vegetables

-Chinese yams

Broad beans

Wasabi soy sauce

-Dark soy sauce
-Bonito kelp  soup
-Iberian ham





1.  Peel  and  fry the broad beans without breading or batter, and  sprin kle with salt.

2.  Combine the vegetables, which have been  treated for a stringency, with the pork  shoulder, and  leave  the Chinese yams raw. Boil the carrots.

3.  Soak  the vegetable bundle together with the yellow chives and  trefoil, and  bundle with the green onions.

4.  Mix  the wasabi soy  sauce with the finely-chopped Iberian ham in  soy sauce diluted with stock, and  add  the wasabi.

5.  Knead the sirloin, and  then bake in an oil bath at 60ºC for 40 mins.

6.  Remove  the sirloin from the oil, and  smoke using straw.

7.  Season the sirloin with salt and  pepper, and  sear only  the surface in  a skillet until the meat looks  cooked.

8.  Separate the sirloin.

9.  Serve the sirloin, vegetable bundle, non-astringent vegetables, and broad beans on a plate. Serve with wasabi soy sauce.