Pancetta- brioche with egge and truffle

Joachim Wissler

Pancetta- brioche with egge and truffle

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-Brioche batter:


450 gr white, skinned onion


50 gr butter


4 whole eggs


42 gr yeast


50 ml milk


10 gm salt


35 gr sugar


125 gr melted, liquid pancetta lard


450 gr flour




2 slices brioche 3 cm thick


4 fine slices of Joselito pancetta


50 gr almond cream


2 quail egg yolks heated in clarified butter


1 small truffle bud, preferably white alba truffle


50 ml parsley juice


Seasonal wild blossoms or wild herbs




Cut the onions into strips and roast them in the oven at 150º C with butter until they are golden.


Mix the remaining ingredients except for the flour in the Thermomix, and then add the roasted onions and mix finely again.


Place the mass in a kitchen kneader and mix in the flour.


Fill baking tins one-third of the way with the smooth, even batter and let the batter stand until it has filled out the tin.


Bake the brioche at 160º for roughly 30 minutes.




Toast the brioche slices on both sides until they are golden. Arrange the almond cream on top. Place the warm quail egg yolk on top of the almond cream. Place the thinly sliced pancetta lard on the warm slices of brioche and arrange the finely sliced truffle on top. Pour the parsley juice onto the brioche. Finish off with seasonal wild herbs or blossoms.